Storytelling Days 01 ~Mirage Days~ 09

So, what was it that you were trying to talk to me about?… Miss Aurora, it wa… wait,
Reo! Im hungry again! damn this body, having to eat and breathe all the time, hurry! Im hungry!… its almost ready, and I found some cinnamon for the atole… good, make it quick, Im hungry… its on water cooling down, Ill bring it when its ready… Ive been thinking, I like it much better with corn than with wheat, youre using the wheat for poor girls bread only, and the corn for this… yes master, I will, here you go… hehehe, mmm, not bad, have I told you about the time I lived in a dirty smalltown?… a thousand times already… it was supposed to be a corn farm, if it actually was I would have drunk this all the time Im sure, and eating the corn as when it is at the plant, grilled of course, it would have been great… Im sure it would have… why is it that the original corn is so expensive and the powder is cheaper?… some greedy scheme Im sure… anyway, Im gonna eat now, you entertain AuAu… of course…

AuAu is sorry for interrupting Mr Reo duties… dont worry, as long as you dont mind me taking care of stuff while we talk, mostly cleaning this mess… AuAu is ok with it… so, what did you want to talk with master about?… the story, and Miss Aurora image told Au to go back with Miss master to sent a message, she told AuAu that it was necessary for Miss Aurora to meet with her mother… yes, I think so too… AuAu was thinking, how nice if Miss Aurora could make an image of everybody else, at least for a little while… would be great but Im not sure if possible… what about Miss Auroras dad? Mr Reo is… have you told her about it?… not yet, in especific… I dont think it is a good idea… but Miss Aurora cares so much… yes but, mmm, he didnt, really, help her with her cousin, she really needed him back then, and he escaped to take care of his own… oh… everything ever since, you know… so troublesome… one way she could find peace is by knowing he was her mothers boyfriend first, she has priority over him, and shes ok with it, but it doesnt mean shes going to forgive him, you know how she is, very easygoing, but to actually forgive… AuAu feels sorry for them… and it doesnt stop there, look at us now, Ive been dealing with the situation very well, and weve also been incredibly lucky, yet, ahg, I dont even have to describe this to you, right?… Au is ok, Au has seen it all… and what if he had another family? another kids, another daughter… AuAu is scared… I seriously believe that mother is hiding him from her, cause she knows she would eat him alive, and his whole family as well… should AuAu talk to her?… better dont, I already gave you an answer about him, sorry… no worries, AuAu understands.

AuAu, Im done eating, Im ready… AuAu is here dear master… what is it now that you wanted?… the Miss image of Miss mother tol… yes, I already know about that… oh… and dont listen too much to that retard, he is too young and naive… oh… so, what now?… Au was thinking, wouldnt it be lovely if an image of Miss cousin would be here, with fluffy hair and sweet charming looks, AuAu would be happy… who wouldnt, but I cant… oh… its not like I dont want to, but, I have to be careful, if I actually create an image of her, it will eventually turn into, mmm, neither you nor little one have a high enough level to deal with it, I would have to take care of it all by myself, it will, emh, I dont want to go through that… oh, AuAu is sorry for storytelling levels not that high… its ok, anymore ideas?… what about Mr little uncle?… would like to remember about him but my mind is very foggy, besides, he didnt really lets say interacted much with me… oh… dont worry, I already eat and Im not sleepy, you can talk to me now, hehehe.

I really like you AuAu… hehe, well, thanks Miss Aurora, AuAu really likes too… I mean, you are very pretty… thanks again Miss Aurora… so delicate, soft, your skin seems like milk, your hair like silk, your opened eyes always expecting for something good to happen, that charming smile you do all the time, that cute look of you when youre worried, or scared… oh, thanks so much dear Miss master… your grown body, your delicious flat chest… hihihi… AuAu, do you like prostitution?… eh?… I could easily make a fortune out of you, hahahaha… eh? eh? eeeeh?!… you dont even have to be in the mood, if I learned something out of little one is that horny boys believe that it doesnt matter, that all girls have sexual organs ready at every single moment, that you can have the glorious feeling of lust in any situation…
Dont put me in the middle of your harasses!…

Hey, maybe you should start with little one, if you can physically handle him, the rest will be easy, arent you glad?… AuAu is about to faint, AuAu is having a bad dream… who would have thought, that after all these years, you AuAu were the answer to my financial problems, hahaha… please, pleeeease dont sell Au, AuAu is not ready! AuAu cant do that, Au is just a storyteller, hin hiiiiin… hahahaha, nah dont worry, we have better things to do, time is running very late already, I dont want to lose it anymore.


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