Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 07

What?… I was thinking about those girls, when I was supposed to be a kid or something, the ones who came a summer month to study here, and the school paid for normal student families to take care of them… oh, yes, that was so nice, somehow… such a feeling… an early reminder that we are here until we die… sure, I guess… the blonde one had a quiet personality, but that chocolate cake she made before she went back, oooooohhh!… delicious… but that woman downstairs is so squared minded that she kept burning it while trying to do it, she couldnt even follow the recipe… and eventually stopped… damn this people, useless, not only that, when they were here, she heard something about them all being ultra perverted and was constantly watching for them not to get near you… so foolish, she knows so little… well, she was actually right about the attraction, and its such a huge cultural shock for her, the sexual ideas from other places against her close minded one… nothing really happened… dont you remember? hahaha, it was bizarre… mmm, kind of, remember… the other girl, the cute ginger one, with fluffy short hair, and taller… oooh… she tried to get close to you but the fat idiot downstairs kept getting in the middle, until one day you two were alone in the house, she went to the bathroom or something, you were playing videogames in the other room, then you invited her in… you know what, it really felt bad, that nobody took me seriously back then… illusions to illusions, anyway, she was different, she could see through, she grew attached to you, she wanted to get close, but at the same time, she realized how, incongruent it was, us been there… this is giving me a headache… you were having a great little time, she didnt speak much spanish, so you suddenly and out of nowhere started to speak english, and with a good accent… I really though she was going to talk with me… instead she freaked out! hahahaha, she said “no, no, no!”, and stood up away from you, then you said it was normal and her answer was that you were like nobody else there, here… I dont remember any of that… they must have thought that someone kidnapped you and brought you there… ha! yeah, right, right?… dumbass, and the woman downstairs looking so obsessively over you easily reinforced the idea… yuck… then she asked you where you were from and you said a dull “here” while looking away from her… so what? did that even happened?… she probably talked to the other girl about it, then finally realized there was nothing they could have done and that you were “fine” here… it doesnt matter, I have no heart for anyone… yes, my little shell, and back to that moment, she was going to hug you, but only dared to rub your back at the end, then she left… I dont remember any of that!… probably for the best… what about the normal attraction?… too much freaking out, you missed it for being so weird… ahhhhg, can we buy someone like her?… no, I dont think so, havent seen anybody like her here in those places, and you are greatly overestimating the amount of effort and money I am willing to give you for this.

Whoring day, whoring day, youll be having sex today… hihihi, though Im a little shy… about what?… well, not that, Im not in the mood of having sex today, maybe we should wait… no, its been days and we need to move on, right now, Im gonna get sick of stale, I cant do the things that follow if we dont finish this… now I dont feel its that necessary… have you given up on sex?… mmm, not completely… well, I dont know what will happen when I change back, I need you to be sure… ok, I guess… are we ready for the trip?… mmm, yes, theres a few options of massage places, we could still go near, if were going we should consider the sites we have some nostalgia about… but those are more expensive, and I dont really like those girls… theres a couple of strong options downtown, on the map, one is here, and the oooother here… not that close from one to another… its walkable but downtown is ugly, I dont feel much like walking there… and the other option?… if those are no good, then we could take the sort of subway thing here and arriiiive here… I guess its the downtown ones then, maybe the nearest first, its the cheapest anyway, were not spending more than, mmm, 450, if shes really good maybe 500, but only cause youre going to tear her apart… I already put 600 in the wallet, plus some change… thats good, ohg, its too much for this crap, but I need to be done with you… arent we too tired after all that has happened?… we need to move on, Im sick and tired of you… ok.

Walking time, going there, you should be happy, and smiling… I guess so… if youre on your way to some job, you get bored, but you are now on your way to sexual pleasure, you should be having joyful thoughts, youre gonna pay cause youre gonna enjoy them, loose yourself, have dirty, cheap and rude feelings, you have my approval, its going to be the last time anyway, go all out, its now or never!… this is something we woulnt normally do.

That was freaky, that stupid girl asking for directions, I hope she gets fired… I had fun… well, I dont hope she gets fired, I hope she has to do sexual acts to please her boss cause hes so mad at her, hehehe, shes totally the kind of girl who would do it, in the dumb way… really?… I guess, we just met her for like five minutes, its not like were going to see her ever again, its a big city, its fun how people just disappear from our sight into the sea of humans… we always walk this way to the computer part store… ok, now to take the bus, theres a stop by the supermarket, do we need anything?… lets try baby food for Josephine… were going to force feed her now, its been too long for her not eating… but on our way back… ok.

Finally, these buses are horrible and expensive, they pollute too… at least is half empty and we got a seat, the traffic makes this trip too long, downtown streets are too narrow… its been a while since we got on a bus… Im in a great mood, I feel nice… yeah, but we dont need to feel nice, you need to feel perverted and wanting to take over some woman were going to pay for… ok, I guess… whats with that dude? wasnt he selling peanuts? why is he now preaching the bible?… maybe nobody wanted peanuts… yuck, get away from me… weird people is coming our way today, we are doing something weird ourselves too… I dont want weird, you need to be sexy, I want that girl youll be having sex with to be drooling and screaming in pleasure… from me? really?

This is the street, lets go down the bus, this place is depressing, theres barely any trees, its dirty, the poor people, the old buildings, downtown zone is very ugly… thats what makes it cheaper, we came here because of that… Im having second thoughts, but were already here, aaaand, I really want you gone… Im tired of walking here, it totally killed my good mood… all these people around us go to work and school, were going to have sex in the middle of the day, you should be happy and joyful… ahg, its filthy everywhere.

It should be here, eh? nothing? oh, it was the next house… kinda crappy, aint it?… is it really it? oh yes, it is, theres a girl doing her hair, lets go around the corner and then go back, oh, that place is crummy, the pillow cover and sheet curtains doesnt even cover the windows, they must be very poor girls, I can imagine the places they actually live in… I dont feel like going back… just do it, and be happy about it, damn, I dont want you bitching later that you didnt do anything.


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