Storytelling Days 02 ~Cat Dying Days~ 08

Reo- (is this buzzer even working? oh, motion detector ringing… someone is coming).
Old woman- yes? what do you want?!
-(What else you fool?! you must look too good for their normal customers…) is here the estetica?
-Yes, here it is.
-Im not too early, aint I?
-No, no, its ok, let me get the key. Come in, welcome.

-Yes, girls! introduce yourselves!
-(That sounded bossy, they must not get along well, this adds to the cheap of the place, that girl is graceless, that other is annoying, though they have slightly better and younger bodies that the main one, their handshakes are cold, fearful and forced, no wonder why theyre still so poor, their hair seems fake and dried, those may look better that the one we have, but I dont think theyre skilled and would be able to handle you, those seem like the kind of girls that would whine for every little thing, they just want it easy and get done, Im not wasting money on them… they all seem to cost the same, just choose one, theyre waiting and are not patient… the day I let these ugly shitheads push me around!… master, hurry please, I want to go home… ahhhggg!) You, its fine.

This is going well so far, I chose a goo, emh, better room, that seems like a bathroom, is that a door? dont feel like exploring here… “storeroom”, it says… this was in a photo on the internet ads, theres a normal room behind… cheap cover up, like that haircut prices cardboard downstairs… yep, the closet wiiiith, nothing interesting inside, I was expecting something, at least, and its door falling down, the old sofa and the stiff bed… just like in the ads, except those were taken from the good angle… this place screams poverty, but its not so bad, its kinda big and private, even with the half covered window… shes taking a too long… I dont know how the hell are you going to do that, but, good luck… dear master… what? I feel nothing, youre the one who is supposed to enjoy… ahhhh, sure.

Im so glad to be done with this… that was terrible… not like anything really happened… she is not sick, right? her little odor problem… it seems like a ph imbalance, shes doesnt seem sick, and she cared a lot about cleaning stuff, she just smells too much and its unpleasant, yuck… its not like I dont smell… we dont stink that way at all!… that was disgusting… at least I got a good laugh when you didnt know where to, hahaha… I wasnt even looking… Im glad we get to go away from here, she is stuck there, and you may have been nice, but nor performing was actually very cruel to her, her feelings must be hurt, she obviously liked you… I cannot sympathize after that smell… I feel horrible, but not for her, for me… I feel horrible… we just wasted 250 on that filth, aahhg!… regret?… no, its was something to be done, I just feel bad, I want to be home but the way back its too slow, Im gonna be sick, whats that smell? aaah!… yuck, we all must smell like that woman… yuuuuuck!!!

She stressed us so much, shes so stubborn… I always thought she was going to do better than Mr Cat, cause she was supposed to be stronger, yet Mr Cat was the one who never stopped eating… I really dont know why shes not trying to eat, its been many days… cat feelings seem to be that way… we got her plenty of food, I also like this better than the baby food… it is also very emotional, she hated the syringe but kinda accepts our fingers… moddy cat force feeding its not easy, on another matter to take care of, the people you live with have gotten worse… theyre so idiotic, last year it was all kinds of problems, this year is the poverty that those problems have brought, I would be relatively swimming in money if they werent such a failure… they can always be worse, and I have decided, were throwing away all the obsolete crap you have, who the hell told you to hoard?!… you, maybe?… to the trash, everything! and that includes you!!

Here… are you sure about throwing them, there?… yes, that curses center is mine, tossing them inside will make me feel better… I guess its easier than killing the poor vigilante dude and his family… you can even consider it a present for them, the place is mine, Im going to store my old and obsolete cables there, aint you happy little one?… sure, sounds fun… embrace the happiness… 3:30pm is the right time, its always lonely… not so much, here comes that stupid and her ugly dog, its like they are meant for each other, you can tell of her insecurities by the way she walks it… shes all dressed up and with make up… while were wearing the same clothes I slept with, yey, theres even food stains, didnt I told you to be more careful little one?… aahh, sorry, we were so busy… its too late for some people.


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